Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What’s happening, folks?

Life here, as usual, is super busy. We’re counting down the days until we grow from a three person to a four person family - less than a month to go and the time is flying by. We’ve still got so much to do to get the baby’s bedroom sorted (moving Marley from the cot to her big girl bed, getting new air-con fitted, and packing up/selling a whole bunch of my records) but we’re getting there slowly.

At work, we’re short-staffed, but there’s really not much work on right now, so I’ve managed to find at least a little time to do a quick Jay-Z biro sketch for you.

I drew a real rough version of this Jay-Z caricature months back and misplaced the sketch. After a lot of searching, it finally turned up the other day, so I tidied it up and am much happier with this version.

I’m not gonna front, I’ve not always been a Jay-Z fan. When he came out with his debut, I was firmly in the Independent camp – Stones Throw, Fondle ‘Em, Rawkus steez. I was late getting into Jay, but now hold him in very high regard. For Christmas, Corrie very thoughtfully got me a copy of his new book, Decoded, and so far it’s been a great read.

Anyways, check out the quick drawing and let me know what you think.


Mark 563