Monday, March 9, 2009

Survival of the Fittest...

What’s going on everyone?

Life at home has changed dramatically since the arrival of our new Daughter, Marley (born at 00:12 on Wednesday 25th February). Corrie had a gruelling 29 hour labour introducing this whopping 9lb 11 baby into the world, and we’ve since been doing our best to get into some sort of a routine based around Marley Marl’s demands.

All this baby tending has left little time to get any drawing done, but with a long weekend just passed, I was lucky enough to steal a couple of rare hours, while Mother and Daughter caught 40 winks, to flip this Mobb Deep sketch.

Check the image below (click to enlarge) and feel free to drop a comment.

All the best,

Mark 563

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