Sunday, July 11, 2010

Check Yo Self...

What's up, folks?

I can't believe I'm posting a new update here so soon, but I guess it's been a productive few days.

The World Cup has ended and I'm a few Dollars better off for it thanks to the work Sweep-stake, if that wasn't a great way to begin the week, my boss is off work this week and next week I'll be having a holiday too, so the mood here is great.

Work has had it's slow moments lately so I managed to get some vector artwork done. This time it's a caricature of West Coast Legend and ex-NWA member, Ice Cube. I started this illustration a while back, but had been flat out here so never got around to finishing it off until now.

As with my other vector pieces, I started with some rough sketches, scanned them in, and set to creating some smooth vectors.

Check out the result below (click to enlarge) and let me know what you reckon.


Mark 563


Jaz said...

haha that is dope.

dirt_dog said...

I love it. Beautiful. More!

Anonymous said...


Rap Music Guide said...

Brilliant! this one deserves to be on a shirt!