Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Ruler's Back...

What's going on, folks?

This week I stumbled across a great website jam packed with the cracking artwork of Brothers Scritch and Scratch. As I worked my way through the pages of pictures I found myself more and more motivated to try an update this place a little more frequently. The guys there seem to post up pictures on a daily basis and the quality of their artwork is top notch. It was the rough sketches posted by Scratch that really inspired me.

I have always been a keen drawer. From as far back as I can remember there was nothing that kept me happier than to be drawing something or other. I'm that guy that always has a pen and a pad of paper at hand, and I find myself scribbling doodles all the time. At work I have a stack of small blue pads that were made using scrap paper. I am constantly sketching rough ideas on these pads, and I often come home with my pockets stuffed with blue paper.

So, taking my cue from Scratch, I thought I may as well share some of the unfinished sketches that consume my down time at work.

Here's the first offering - a Slick Rick caricature I flipped the other day using a trusty Bic.


Mark 563


Vee (Scratch) said...

This is a cool Slick Rick piece!
With your permission, I would love to take a crack at coloring this piece.

Mark 563... said...

I would be a honoured if you wanted to colour my sketch.
Would love to check it out.
Thanks again, bruv.